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We are not another music app. We exist to empower artists. To nurture and guide artists is our mission.

With JioSaavn’s Artist Dashboard, we share insights on who streams your music, and how that can and should influence your sound, tour plans, and career trajectory.

Let’s dive deep into your data, and make some great music.

Artist Insights Overview

All About Artists Insights

How do I get access to my dashboard on Artist Insights?

Firstly, get your music on JioSaavn. Your label can do that for you, or you can talk to any of the leading content aggregators. For more info, please click here.

When your music is on JioSaavn can we analyse your streams, likes, follows, and give you great insights on your music.

P.S. We’re pro-privacy, only artists or their managers get access to the dashboard.

  • To get the access to your dashboard, go to the Artist Insights website and tap on the ‘GET ACCESS’ button
  • Sign up
  • If you’re an artist yourself, look for yourself. If you’re a manager, look for the artist you manage.
  • Fill in your details for verification. We don’t mess around with security. Ever.
  • Once verification is done, you will receive a confirmation email within 2 working days
  • Log in with your credentials
  • Tada – your data goldmine is here!

Get to Know Your Artist Insights Dashboard

Just hit play and understand how your dashboard works. From what each stat means to how to use it to your benefit, we explain it all.

How do Artist Managers access & manage artist profile/profiles?

The steps remain the same. All you have to do during registration is choose ‘Artist Manager’ as your role, and pick the appropriate selections.

How do I use all this data to my benefit?

Data is the new oil. It powers the economy and exerts a big influence on the music business. With Artist Insights, we enable you to make a range of decisions.

  • You can share Streams & Monthly Listeners stats with labels and sponsors and swing crucial negotiations in your favor.
  • If you increase the number of followers on JioSaavn, your streams will automatically increase as these users will be notified every time you release a song. This will give a boost to all your stats.
  • If you refer to the Top Cities section on the dashboard, you will be able to pick tour locations based on regions that stream you more.
  • You can also plan your entire set lists based on your most-streamed songs or Trending Songs
  • Venture into the Listeners Section, and discover age/gender and location data. You can use this to target the right audience via digital marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and even JioSaavn.
  • Chart your songs' growth using the ‘Compare Your Songs’ feature.
  • You can see where you rank among your peers, and discover how your new releases perform with respect to the old ones.
Find New Ears

Does your love ballad bring in more streams than your pop song? Are you more loved in the metros, or are you the soul of small towns? You’ll get answers to questions you’ve been looking for, and questions you never thought of asking.

Find Your Brand(s)

Associated with a brand? Want to partner a brand? Showing authentic, detailed data about your listenership and their demographics can help you clinch a deal. Secondly, sharing this data with partner brands will help them promote your music in a more targeted manner. A win-win situation for both your partner brands and you.

Data Is Your New Guru

Should you do a devotional song? Does your listenership go up on Friday nights? Questions like these can inspire you to make the kind of music your listeners love, and keep coming back for. If you’re a multilingual artist, you can see where you rank among your peers in a particular language, and then decide what’s working best for you.

Your Music on JioSaavn

How do I get my music on JioSaavn?

If you're familiar with Horus Music, TuneCore, Fuga, Believe Digital, Orchid, Stem, CDBaby, DistroKid, or any other popular global or regional content aggregator, getting your music on JioSaavn will be a breeze. These aggregators will handle your licensing and distribution, and pay you royalties when your fans stream your music on JioSaavn. There’s usually a small fee or percentage cut that is levied. Every aggregator has his or her own terms and conditions, so pick one that works best for you.

Why I can’t see my content on JioSaavn?

If your content is infringing, illegal, explicit, or hateful, we may prohibit or filter the content from JioSaavn. Read more about content infringement policies here. Often content aggregators control the availability of a track/album on JioSaavn. So, please do get in touch with them if you don’t find your song on our platform.

You got some details wrong about me. What do I do?

Whoops, that usually doesn’t happen! If you do see anything that seems incorrect about your music or your profile, just fill your details in the following form.

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Artist Playlists

How do 'Artist Playlists' work?

As a verified artist/manager on Artist Insights, you can now create and share playlists on your artist page in the JioSaavn app.

How can I create a playlist?

You can create the playlist you want to feature on your artist page for your audience either through the JioSaavn app or our website JioSaavn.com.

Remember to make a fresh new playlist for this. While creating the playlist on JioSaavn, we recommend your playlist has songs from one language only, to make sure your listeners have the best experience. It doesn’t matter what you name the playlist while creating it on JioSaavn. Before the playlists are featured on the app, we will rebrand the playlists and create some slick customized artwork for it.

Once you have created the playlist, copy the link of this playlist and login to your Artist Insights dashboard. Go to the Streams tab, to the ‘Artist Playlists’ section, you can share the copied link of your playlist with us from here.

How can I feature playlists on my JioSaavn artist page?

1. First, you need to copy the link of your playlist. Easy-peasy, right? If you still need help, please follow these instructions:

  • For Desktop - Go to https://jiosaavn.com/me from, and click on the Share button. Copy the link that appears on the bottom of the pop-up.
  • For mobile app - Go to your ‘My Music’ section > Playlists > Click on the 3 dots beside the playlist you want to share and click on Share to copy the link.

2. Now, that you have copied the link, log in to your Artist Insights account, and go to the streams tab.

3. Click on the big + icon under the ‘Artist Playlists’ section, and paste the link for the playlist. Write a small description for your fans and submit.

That’s it - you are done! The playlist will appear on your artist page on the app in a few hours.

How many featured playlists can I create for the JioSaavn app?

We let you build & feature two types of playlists:

One playlist should have only your best hits, as picked by you. Once you share the link with us on Artist Insights dashboard and we identify that all the songs on this playlist belong to you, we will rebrand this playlist by the name - Artist Hits by Artist’s Stage Name.

The second playlist that you can feature on JioSaavn app, can have artists that inspire you or any songs you love. We will rebrand it as - Made By Artist’s Stage Name

How can I update a featured playlist?

At any given time, you can add or remove songs from the original playlist you shared, and the featured playlist will be updated automatically in 24 hours. Yes, it’s quite slick!


What are shorties?

Shorties are short videos that play on loop for a song that the JioSaavn listeners can see inside the player when streaming the song on the JioSaavn app . Shorties are song-specific and can be uploaded by artists through Artist Insights platform to engage their listeners more.

How can I publish a shortie?

First up, get access to Artist Insights and go to the Shorties tab.

  1. If uploading for the first time, you will see two buttons inside the Shorties tab - Add Shortie, Learn More. Make sure you have read all the specs of the video that can be uploaded as a shortie, here.
  2. On clicking the Add Shortie button, a pop-up will open. Choose a song that you want to upload the shortie for and click Next.
  3. Upload or Drag & Drop the video file
  4. Tick mark the T&C box & click Submit.
  5. Your video will be submitted for review & will be taken live in 4-5 business days. You will be informed via email when the review process is complete.

What kind of videos can I submit as shorties?

The video has to be a good quality, 3-15 seconds long vertical video. For exact specifications, please refer to this site.

What are the specifications for the video that can be uploaded as a shortie?

Please refer to this site for specs & examples.

I submitted my shortie a few days ago, it’s still showing pending.

Sometimes our internal teams see a surge in submissions and that might cause a delay. But worry not, our teams are constantly reviewing all the pending submissions. If you have any more questions you can write to us at shorties@jiosaavn.com.

Where do my listeners see my published shortie?

After your shortie is taken live, your listeners will be able to see it in the JioSaavn app inside the player when streaming that specific song, shortie was uploaded to :)

Managing Artist Profile

Why should you keep your profile updated?

Your profile is your home on JioSaavn. And, JioSaavn is home to your music. The more updated your profile is, the more your listeners will know about you. The more your listeners know, the more likely they’ll become your followers. The more followers you get, the higher your streams get. More streams means more ticket sales, the more you’re likely to sell tickets, the more… You got the drift, right?

Also, those killer new photographs from your album art don’t belong on Instagram alone. Share them with your avid fans on JioSaavn too.

I want to update my artist image

Just log in through the Artist Insights dashboard once you have the access to your dashboard, and top of your page on your image there will be an edit option. Click on it and upload a new photo of your choice. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Your full face should be visible, portraits are recommended
  • Make sure the photo is of you and/or your band (no lyrics, ads, or promotions)
  • Photos should not include any materials that are offensive or infringes on a third party's copyrights or trademarks
  • Professionally shot images are recommended
  • Minimum dimensions are 1000 x 1000 pixels, 300 DPI
  • Photos should be in the correct file format (.jpeg or .png) and not be heavier than 10 MB
  • We’ll take 3-5 working days to approve and publish the image

How do I update my Artist Bio?

  • Your bio is your story - in your own words. Please share as much as you can about yourself in up to 200-250 words on artistsupport@jiosaavn.com
  • Start with an introduction - a brief summary, your take on music, what inspires you, and what’s your ultimate goal.
  • Tell us about your awards, and nominations from your Wikipedia page, and we will credit Wikipedia for the information
  • Mention your top 3 songs
  • Facebook/Instagram/Twitter page links
Upload Bio

Music Promotions on JioSaavn

How to use JioSaavn’s logo to promote your song on different platforms

We love that you want to associate with JioSaavn! Please click here to get access to our logo and brand guidelines.

Share Your Music from JioSaavn

The more you share music from JioSaavn with your listeners, the higher your streams will get. This will increase your popularity and followers, and further boost your streams. And, all this will in turn give JioSaavn and you richer streaming data for future usage.

Turn Listeners into Followers

When a listener presses the love icon on your album/number in the app, they become your followers. These users are notified every time you release a new song/album on JioSaavn, and are more likely to stream it. Your songs are also added to their library for easy access, and this’ll further boost your streams. So, make sure you tell your users to follow you on JioSaavn.

Pitch your song for Editorial Playlist

A very simple way to boost your song on JioSaavn is by sending it out to our editorial team for placement consideration in one of our popular editorial playlists. This will help our editorial team to discover & curate JioSaavn playlists better and give your song a chance to be heard more.

To pitch your song for editorial playlist(s) on JioSaavn, just fill out our contact form, and our editorial team will review the submitted song. Share as much info about your song as possible - Language, Genre, Mood, Instruments etc. If you have specific playlists in mind, feel free to mention those as well. All the information provided, along with data & insights about audience’s preferences will be taken into account while making this decision.

Please note that pitching your song for editorial playlist doesn't guarantee a playlist placement but gives you a chance to be considered for the same. But keep checking your dashboard for the next couple weeks after you have sent the request, to see if your song made it to one of the popular playlists.

Artist Originals

How do I release a song through Artist Originals?

Artist Originals is our inhouse independent record label that empowers indie artists across the globe. Bom Diggy, the Cold/Mess EP by Prateek Kuhad, and Big Fax are just some of the instant classics from our ever-growing catalog. To know more about us, click here.

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